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  • Top 13 Wine Bars in Liverpool

    Liverpool is a city rich with culture and offers unrivaled attractions and events. Among the most enjoyable of the experiences of Liverpool is nightlife. Below are just a few of the most popular and pleasing bars I visited in the city.

    Camp and Furnace

    Offering the best of the outdoors- inside – with micro-LED fairy lights strung about, log fires, vintage Volkswagen camping vans parked around and communal, picnic tables amid woodland with actual, timber – Camp and Furnace is a wonderful place to dine and drink in the Baltic Triangle. Known for offering homemade specially brewed beer, local food merchants that line the streets during the weekdays come to the establishment for a Food Slam every Saturday. Camp and Furnace is a wonderful venue for music festivals, events and is a cultural hub with great customer service, a tasteful menu, and booze.


    Once an industrial building and recycling yard, located in the beautiful heart of the Baltic Triangle, Constellations and Observatory is an exciting place where independently minded people can enjoy music and the city’s creations of communication to the senses of taste, sight, and sound. Its unique space provides the perfect place, backdrop, and host for any event that can be imagined and required. Constellations, aside from serving delicious food prepared with the freshest ingredients and well-crafted beer and cocktails, has an 8000 feet grassroots Observatory which can be booked for all types of affairs and occasions.

    The Baltic Fleet

    Dating back to the 1800s, the Baltic Fleet is the soul of Liverpool. It once was the centriole of the city’s shipping enterprise. The legend is that three ghosts haunt the facility. Historically, the Baltic Fleet connected sailors from their nautical rigs through secret tunnels from the cellar to the docks and the red light district for libation and friendly, ladies. Used as a microbrewery since 2001, the ale is fermented in the cellar using copper kettles. Drinks offered to its patrons and guests are completely individual to the pub.


    The Ex-Directory is a unique attraction to Liverpool’s nightlife. The bar is only accessible by phone contact and reservation which can only be done using a vintage red phone booth. Once you locate the red phone box, you must dial the right phone number to gain access to the Ex-Directory. If you are lucky enough to get access, the bar is a great place to party. The secret bar that is located anonymously somewhere in Liverpool offers drinks made from premium products, and each beverage is served to the customer’s preference.

    Some Place

    A hidden treasure in Liverpool found amidst the Seel Street staircase and doors, is a speakeasy-like absinthe bar called Some Place. It’s a romantic place with candles and superficial ivy. It’s encouraged to not drink anything else there but the woodworm. The absinthe is offered with Parisian serving and might possibly conjure up for you Green Fairies.

    Hannah’s Bar and Restaurant

    Bombastically priding itself on exceptional views of the Liverpool skyline, Hannah’s Bar is the ideal cocktail lounge for a quick bite or evening of drinks with friends. Its ambiance is light, airy and fosters a relaxing vibe. The lovely glass roof terrace on the upper level is a favorite summer attraction of many people. With the two separate floors, Hannah’s Bar and Restaurant provides both an atmosphere for a sophisticated supper on the lower level and a more energetic and vibrant place perfect for college students with music on the upper the level.

    Berry & Rye

    Tucked away on Berry Street in Liverpool, is a hidden gem – a grottoed blues den called Berry & Rye. Undoubtedly, it is a purveyor of parties and brings the soul of New Orleans to the city. It is known for its live jazz and blues music filling the space. However, even more so is Berry & Rye popular for its signature whiskey and gin cocktails. Well-informed staff provides table service. It is a great, chic speakeasy in the city.

    Thomas Rigby’s

    Thomas Rigby’s is located on Dale Street – one of Liverpool’s busiest roads. Aesthetically, the establishment makes an impression outside its walls and within. There are three main sections and an enclosed courtyard. The pub was given accreditation by Cask Marque for beer quality. There are six regular beers on tap, and there are over twenty bottled British and foreign beers, two craft beers and a variety of tonics.

    Ma Edgerton’s Stage Door

    Located on Lime Street, Ma Egerton’s Stage Door is a well-established pub. It was once known as a theatrical hub due to the entertainment businesses that ran along Lime Street. Due to its nearness to the Empire Theater, it still has regular visits from performers just like it did in its iconic past. The pub serves spirits, beers and premium wines. It is famous for its old-fashioned pizza shop. Based on reviews and votes from TripAdvisor, Ma Egerton’s for two years has been voted the number one pub in Liverpool.


    Featuring exciting cocktails, Modo is the perfect place for a night on the town. There is a club room that can give an exclusive VIP experience. Laced with neon lighting, its interior is stylish just like its signature beverages. It’s recommended that guests try the Christine Keeler which is a fruity vodka and sherbet treat. Modo offers a luxurious and indulgent nighttime place to enjoy fine dining and drinks.


    With acrobatic-themed entertainment, while you eat your dinner, Circo provides one of the most enjoyable and unique experiences in Liverpool. With circus-themed drinks and delightful twists on classic cocktails, Circo is a place that will have people coming back time after time. They brand themselves as the next generation of entertainment.

    Ye Hole in Ye Wall

    Ye Hole in Ye Wall is Liverpool’s oldest pub. During Liverpool’s prime days in the 1700s, they were the first to open its doors as a public house. The pub is built on consecrated soil – a Quaker graveyard – and comes with a few ghosts stories that add more character to the quaint, and tidy pub. The cellar is on the ground floor. The pub serves quality beer and several cask ales. Its small, but its hospitality is massive.

    Philharmonic Dining Rooms

    The Philharmonic Dining Rooms are like no other pub in Liverpool. It is known for being the most extravagant. It is often referred to as simply “Phil” and has a lavish history. It serves authentic pub food and is honored for its eclectic selection of ales.